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Truly Professional Beauty and Makeup Treatments and Services.

Trained by Champneys of Tring

Fully Qualified Beauty Therapist

C.I.D.E.S.C.O & C.I.B.T.A.C Diplomas

Lilly has 30 years of experience working in the Beauty Industry as a beauty therapist specializing in skin issues and expert facial treatments. She’s an achieved media makeup artist and has worked as a beauty writer for several publications and also as a trainer.

Lilly is based in her studio in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. If you are looking for high standards, honest advice, integrity and excellent results, you’ll be glad you found Lilly.

Her Facials have become legendary among her discerning clients over the years due to her no-nonsense approach, rapidly evident results and her honest and erudite advice.  She combines her expert manual techniques, holistic approaches and electrical therapies to create the very best, bespoke treatment for each of her clients.

Her clients over the years have included television and film personalities, actors and performers and a handful of politicians too.

Lilly uses her very long experience and knowledge to create skin treatment facials that are deeply relaxing and also very real wellness treatments.  Skin treatments work better this way.

Lilly will combine her firm massage techniques with an individually designed skin treatment to release tension, tightness, and blockages in the shoulders, back of the neck, scalp, jaw, and face.

Her clients consistently report to her how much better their skin looks.

Some issues that appear to be permanent characteristics of the skin can be greatly improved with just the correct and honest advice on what NOT to do in one’s home skin-care habits. Lilly excels at this.

Lilly also loves to explain to clients why good neck posture is so important to well-being and looks.

Feel free to contact Lilly for a no-obligation chat if you have questions.

If booking MORE than one treatment, 


For the discerning client who expects great care and genuine results

Facial Treatments

Brows & Lashes


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Personalised Skin Care Advice. Sort Your Products Session. Bespoke How To Home Facial. Make Up Lessons.
Nicki B.Berkhamsted
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Just had my second facial with Lilly and it was superb. Totally relaxing and great results. I’m 58 years old and have had a lifetime of regular facials but honestly feel that Lilly does a bespoke facial depending on what my skin needs, rather than a ‘taught routine’. Can not recommend highly enough. Great deals · Luxurious experience · Amazing results
Lauren S.Berkhamsted
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Had the pleasure of having a facial with Lilly last week. Lilly is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about all things skin. I had the Angel Face facial which Lilly customised to suit my skin and my needs. It was heavenly! I particularly enjoyed the scalp and neck massage part of the treatment which was super relaxing and much needed. Look forward to my next treatment with this lovely lady.
Felicity S.Kent
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5* all the way! Care and service I have received from Lilly has been nothing short of outstanding! I suffer very badly with very dry skin and rosacea. Lilly was very professional and very knowledgeable and went to great lengths to assist whilst chatting in a very friendly gentle manner which relaxed me and I felt I could trust her. I have suffered so long and most products have proved to be very harsh. Lilly mixed up an oil suitable to my skin and I haven’t looked back! I LOVE IT! It smells lovely, gentle and easy to use. My skin feels soft and smooth and even a little plumped and the rosacea is not so angry and inflamed. My cheeks actually feel cool for the first time in forever! Lilly is now my skin therapist guru!! 😀 I won’t go anywhere else. Thank you Lilly for allowing me to feel good about myself again. I would highly recommend Lilly and The Beauty Room.
Angela G.Tring
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I booked a beauty treatment to help with de - stressing from my busy work. It was amazing. Relaxing, professional and the products were simply beautiful. I have sensitive skin, which was understood and catered for. I felt great and my skin looked much better. Will definitely book again. Thank you
Karla H.Berkhamsted
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My daughter had a great make up lesson with Lilly, who filled her with confidence and showed her some essential and classy make up looks. Thank you Lilly!
Caroline B.Tring
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I had the most amazing facial, so relaxing and the right amount of pressure for my neck and spine- blissful - and my skin so radiant

Client Gallery

Facial Treatments

  • The European - 60/75 mins £65 / £85

    A classic cleansing, refining and hydrating facial, customised with products to perfectly suit your skin type or age. Depending on your needs, this facial may include a mild exfoliation, steam, massage and some gently done blackhead extraction to leave your skin looking and feeling clearer, smoother and more balanced. Perfect for combination and normal skins and as a four to six weekly treatment to keep the complexion in optimum condition.

  • The Angel Face - 75 mins £85

    A heavenly hour and a quarter of layering deeply nourishing oils, creams and masks onto the skin while performing a long and deeply relaxing massage on the face, neck and shoulders. Wonderful and visible results will be seen on any type of dry, tired, red or sensitive skins. Also perfect for dark eye circles, tired eyes or faces that need the tension to be melted away.

  • The Executive - 45/60 mins £50 / £62

    A results oriented treatment for the business man or woman who does not have time to waste, but needs an effective yet relaxing treatment to address any skin care, ageing or tense shoulders issues. This treatment will be customised to your particular needs, ensuring good results and a sense of wellbeing. Talking is kept to an absolute minimum so that you can properly unwind.

  • Red Carpet Glow - 75 mins £85

    An effective boost for tired faces and people over 40, this facial is popular with television actors male and female. Perfect before special occasions or red carpet events, this treatment leaves the skin glowing and muscles firmer, resulting in a younger and rested looking face. Micro-current is employed to boost circulation, plump the skin and lift slack muscles. Lilly’s own blend of organic rose oil or frankincense is then massaged into the face and shoulders leaving you with a relaxed, serene looking face.

  • The A Lister - 90 mins £100

    Another favourite of celebrities. Gentle exfoliation to remove dulling cells, micro-current to tone facial muscles and plump the skin, massage using precious oils to relax and revive and a special firming massage to enhance the effects of the micro-current. A masque will be prescribed for you at the end of the treatment which further enhances this incredible facial. A must have treatment for before special occasions or if you want to knock years off your face.

  • Tension Relieving Jaw, Neck & Facial massage - 40mins/55mins £57 / £74
  • Scalp & Shoulder Tension Relief Massage - 40/55 mins £55 / £72

    A wonderfully relaxing, calming and health enhancing treatment. This scalp massage helps reduce stress levels, slow down breathing and deeply relax you. It will increase circulation to the hair follicles which can help with weak hair growth. A must as a regular mood and wellness pep up! It can include the shoulders or face and Lilly can customise it with an essential oil chosen just for you.

  • Just Massage Bliss - 45/60 mins £45 / £65

    Massage heaven for face and shoulders. The skin is double cleansed using a luxurious cleansing lotion and tonic, followed by an application of the highest grade cold pressed plant oils customised with essential oil chosen for your skin type or physiology. A wonderfully relaxing treatment to alleviate tiredness or stress. Your face will look visibly rested and brighter following Lilly’s special massage techniques.

  • Ionto-Youth Infuse - 60/75 mins £75 / £85

    An effective and relaxing facial which includes the gentle electrical current Iontophoresis. This classic favourite of therapists treatment pushes selected product ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin using positive or negatively charged ions. An excellent treatment for any skin type. Wonderful for improving mild surface wrinkling, crepey wrinkles on the neck or lacklustre skin. It’s also an excellent preventative treatment, helping to keep wrinkles and sagging at bay.

  • Galvanic Pore Cleanse - 60/75 mins £71 / £83

    This clever treatment uses a mild galvanic current to soften plugs of sebum in the pores, making pores less visible and the removal of blackheads much easier. A perfect treatment for areas with multiple blackheads or for blemished, spotty or oily skins. This facial will leave you with a clearer, smoother and fresher looking complexion.

  • Soothe & Calm Redness Treatment - 60 mins £67

    This facial is suited to clients who have red skin or whose skin becomes red very easily. Perfect for women and men. Lilly will ascertain the cause of redness by looking at lifestyle or home product use and will offer insight and advice on trying to lessen the redness. This facial uses extremely gentle products and techniques to help minimise redness and help to strengthen the integrity of the skin.

  • Milia Removal - from £20
  • Perfector Microcurrent Non-Surgical Face Lift - 60 mins £73

    A favourite among discerning beauty customers, this treatment utilises a very gentle electrical current which is the same type and strength as found in our own bodies. That is, one millionth of an amp. It has been used for many years by the medical establishment to help bring back life to weak muscles and treat muscles affected by Bell's palsy. It has now been a favourite in salons for over 30 years. It helps to lift the face muscles, improving a tired or aged look, and smoothes finer lines or wrinkles. It plumps up the skin tissues and gives a younger glow and vitality to the skin. A must try for anyone over the age of forty five. Courses of 6 and 11 available.

  • Teenage Skin Clear - 60 mins £65

    A gentle cleansing treatment for teenagers' sensitive skin. It is important not to use harsh products on young skin, as it can often cause more problems or lead to over sensitisation in later years. Lilly’s expert knowledge and experience will ensure that this facial will be effective while ensuring the young skin is not overstimulated. This pleasant treatment will be customised to suit the individual and depending on needs, may include gentle exfoliation, steam, extraction and a gel or clay mask to help heal and refine blemishes. Course of three £150 when taken within 2 months.

  • Clearer Brighter Skin Therapy - 60/75 mins £71 / £83

    This bespoke facial helps to reduce troublesome or angry spots and blemishes, helping to clear the complexion and speed up healing of spots and marks. A thorough and effective treatment in which the skin is left feeling calm and comfortable and not sensitised. The healing and bactericidal effect of a high frequency bulb or the deeper cleansing galvanic desincrustation can be used, depending on your exact needs. Prepaid courses of 6 or 12 available & have 10% discount applied.

  • Skin Issue Consultations - 30/45 mins £36 / £47

    More often than not, skin issues can be quite easily solved or greatly improved with the correct advice. Lilly has over 30 years experience with skin treatments and products and prides herself on giving honest, no nonsense, no ‘baffle with science’ advice to her clients. Her advice will be invaluable to prevent not just future skin damage from over zealous use of incorrect products but also in preventing large amounts of money and time being invested where it was never necessary. This service is especially useful for teens and young clients to prevent future skin damage from use of harsh products.

  • Back Cleansing Treatment - 45/60 mins £60 / £75

    A relaxing, clearing and smoothing treatment for blemishes on the back. This will be a bespoke treatment and depending on what the individual client needs, may include a reviving exfoliating scrub, an astringent floral water spray, clay or gel mask, galvanic current and/or massage to loosen stubborn blockages in the skin and extraction.

  • The Groom No.1 - 20/30/45 mins £30 / £40 / £48

    For gentlemen who require grooming. The session can consist of the subtle tidying of brows, removal of hair from ears, beard line on throat or hairline on neck or a gentleman's quick skin pep up to refresh the complexion.

  • The Groom No.2 - 30 mins £36

    A consultation for gentlemen seeking advice on home care, skin problems or public image. Perfect for public figures, businessmen or soon to be grooms.

  • Lip & Chin waxing available from £10

Makeup Services