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Alchemy Skin Oil blends recipes are formulated and blended by Lilly, by hand, in small batches in a hygienic environment.

They are cold pressed, organic and of the highest grade in quality.

Lilly recognised way back in her career that natural cold pressed plant oils were the best product to use on any type of drier or mature skin to attain incredible results. She started blending specific oil combinations for her clients over twenty years ago, well before it became the trend it is today.

The difference between Alchemy blends and others available in shops or the internet, is that Alchemy blends are formulated by a very long experienced and highly qualified skin therapist. This means that they are able to have a more targeted effect and can cater to more types of skin issues or more types of mature skin.  Dry, wrinkled, ageing or sensitive and reactive skins are all different. Different plant oils have different properties or effects on the skin and Lilly has the long skin expertise to back her blends. One size does not fit all with skin oils. We can do better than that.

Lilly often makes Bespoke Facial or Body oil blends for outdoor sports professionals or actors whose skin has become sensitive and dry due to daily heavy make-up applications on long filming projects. Lilly also makes blends for individuals who are undergoing cancer treatment whose skin has become sensitive and dry, who need truly effective moisturisation, natural nurturing products on their skins to help protect and restore the integrity of the skin and to lower the chemical load being absorbed into their body.

Use Lilly’s superior quality skin blends daily and see very real results. Even crepey, lined or weather-beaten skin, whether on face, neck, chest or arms will be transformed with just a few weeks use of these oils. Lilly guarantees it.