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Multi-talented Purifying Spray


50 ml

A zingy, uplifting, fresh fragrance will envelop your senses whenever you use this clever little spray. The mood lifting notes are lemony with subtle green notes. A truly happiness invoking smell. It can be used as a hand spray, on pillows when staying away from home, on your cotton face covering for lasting freshness between washes and a little extra peace of mind. Spray over your clothes on the upper body and neck area when on public transport. Essential oil of lemon offers anti-viral properties, lavender which has anti-bacterial properties, and a touch of tea tree to enhance the two.

Common sense advice:
Do not spray near or in eyes. Don’t spray directly onto the face or skin when in strong sunshine. Do not ingest.

Ideal for: an anti-bacterial, anti-viral effect for your clothing, scarf, mask, bedding.

Multi-talented Purifying Spray

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